Formerly The Ragdoll's Workshop
Formerly The Ragdoll's Workshop
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Tail Addon
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Tail Addon

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For a £5 none refundable deposit when you purchase ears on the site, you can then get a tail to match your ears.
Once you have purchase a slot, you can dm me or email to confirm shape and length and pay the pricing difference on the tail via a separate listing. Please note, this is not for custom Tails. This is to match a set you are purchasing ONLY.

✨️ Tails start at £25 for a chubby bunny tail
✨️ £50 for a baby fox/wolf tail
✨️ £60 for a standard fox/wolf/cat tail (swing)
✨️ Curled Tails such as husky and large curled bottom cat Tails start at £70
✨️ Larger more complex Tails such as large red pandas and Cheshire cat will start at £80


Once your purchase is complete please message me on Instagram or email with your order number to confirm. 

If you do not confirm and pay within 4 weeks, your order will be shipped regardless.